Say “NO” to fillers

At Self Health we strive to produce vitamins and minerals that have only two ingredients: the vitamin itself and the capsule. That’s why we don’t make tablets. They require compression agents, disintegration agents, release agents, and often more. Check the label on any tablet product and see for yourself.

There are, however, some situations that require us to add other ingredients. Take Folic Acid for instance. One milligram is the dose, but even our smallest capsule holds 120 milligrams! So, we add rice flour, which allows the capsule to be fully loaded. Rice flour is our preferred filler. Rice products do not typically cause allergic reactions, go through minimal processing (pollution minimization), run nicely through our encapsulator, and rice is real food that is good for you! Why do we do it that way? Purity. That’s our bottom line. Purity…our promise to you.


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