warning message “this page contains secure and nonsecure items”

If you are getting the message: “this page containing both secure and non-secure content. do you wish to display them both?” at checkout, you have to enable mixed content on your browser.

In IE7 browser go to:
Tools > Internet Options > Security(tab) > Internet(zone) > Custom
Level… > Miscellaneous  > Display mixed content > Uncheck “Prompt(checkbox)” and check “Enable(checkbox)”

Allow mixed content


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4 Responses to “warning message “this page contains secure and nonsecure items””

  1. mariodrclarkstore Says:

    The reason you are getting this message is because the page is under a secure domain – “https” and you are referencing items such as images from non secure – “http”. One way you can fix it is by putting the images in a folder within the secure domain directory.

  2. David Says:

    Very helpful advice. Many thanks

  3. audra Says:

    I get above message “this page contains secure…..” what if I am using Safari on a mac???

  4. mariodrclarkstore Says:

    For Safari, as far as I know you have to enable javascript, java, and accept cookies.

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